Program of Study

The University offers a wide range of learning opportunities and we encourage you to think broadly as you put together a package of coursework that provides you with the specific expertise you seek, and, at the same time, includes a breadth of experience that will help you become a creative problem solver, an excellent communicator, and a skilled team member. We have kept the major requirements to a minimum to offer you greater flexibility to devise your own academic path.

Find requirements for this major in the University Catalog, and more details in this Major Requirements PDF, which includes a list of classes for the most popular areas of study.

In consultation with your faculty mentor, you will develop a program of study consisting of at least 25 credits, with a minimum of 15 of those credits at the 3xxx-level or above. Of the 25 credits, you need to take a minimum of 12 credits from AGRO, HORT, PLPA, or ENT designators. Within the 25 credits, one course must be writing intensive. The remaining credits should come from plant science-related disciplines. Here are some sample programs for the most popular areas of study:

In addition to proposing a selection of courses that meet the guidelines, please prepare a thoughtful narrative of at least 500 words that describes your educational goals, how this collection of courses will meet these goals, your thoughts on timing and kind of internships, and if, when, and where you would like to study abroad.

Your program of study course list and essay should be submitted online and must be reviewed by your faculty mentor. Submit your Program of Study.

After your mentor reviews your Program of Study, email the document to the major coordinator (Eric Watkins: Make sure you have submitted a program of study that meets the aforementioned requirements or it will not be reviewed.

Deadlines: You must submit your Program of Study before starting your fourth semester at the University of Minnesota, if you entered as a freshman. Students who transfer into Plant Science must submit a Program of Study by the start of their third semester in the major. These are the final deadlines; you can also submit earlier.