Every Plant Science student is required to complete at least one approved internship during the course of their undergraduate career. While one internship is required, it is suggested to do more during college to get a variety of experiences. To find out more about internships students have done in the past and how to find internships, please visit the Hands on Education section.

Getting Credit for Your Internship

Simply taking part in an internship is not enough to receive credit for it. To receive credit, you must take HORT 4096W or AGRO 4096W. After identifying a potential internship, students must first consult with their faculty mentor to make sure their internship qualifies for academic credit. Prior to the start of your internship, students must complete the Internship Registration to document what their final project will look like. After submitting the form and getting it approved, you will get an email from Lauren Matushin or Lynne Medgaarden with a permission number for the class you selected.

If you are doing your internship during the summer, you should register for the course in the fall afterwards, but make sure to complete the Internship Registration at the end of spring semester. For example, if you do an internship in the summer of 2016, you would start doing the paperwork in spring 2016 and register then to take the class in fall 2016.

Unpaid Internship Grant

Many internships in the plant sciences are paid. However, on occasion an internship will turn up that provides invaluable experience but is unpaid. CFANS undergraduate students who have secured an unpaid internship within the United States are eligible to apply for one of several internship grants of up to $1,000. Students are selected for this grant based on the relationship of the internship experience to their academic and career goals. Apply through Career and Internship Services. Application deadlines vary by semester.